Golden Rainbow VIP Residence

Property Management...

Each customer who has bought the apartment has the option to sign a management contract. Owners who want to regain their investment may provide their apartment for a rent through our company.

What does the Property Management service include?

  1. As your representative, we accommodate tourists, both for short and for long periods.
  2. Our marketing department conducts various campaigns, both locally and internationally, via the press, internet, presentations and exhibitions. We sustain strong contacts with some international tour operators and some other sources of providing tourists.
  3. Assistance to owners and tourists, including meeting them at an airport and access control to the property.
  4. The company is in constant contact with the owner of the property informing him of the current, past and future reservations, as well as other important information about the property.
  5. Long-term rental agreement might be agreed between the customer and the further management company as a representative of the owner.
  6. Internet access to reservations made by the company can be monitored continuously.
  7. At the end of tourist season, the generated income is paid, cash or by bank transfer.
  8. Permanent properties’ care.
  9. Cleaning and maintenance.
  10. Payment of fees taxes and other costs relating to the property on behalf of the owner.
  11. Controlled access via the Reception.
  12. Technical support.
  13. 24/365 of live security and alarm.
  14. All year working staff.
  15. All year working.