Golden Rainbow VIP Residence

Technical Specification...

Monolith building, reinforced concrete construction and brick walls, heat-insulating and damp-proof systems, paint, electric light and other details by project;

a/ for the apartments (in accordance with approved architectural project) – walls and ceilings – ground coat and latex, inside pipes and drainage and electric wiring; corridors, kitchens and balconies floors –  granite, living-rooms and sleeping-rooms floors – wooden parquet or carpet (buyer's choice), wet premises bath-rooms and toilet-rooms – walls – faience, completely furnished by wash-basins, mixing taps, toilet monoblocks, showers and hidden boiler,shower cabins from tempered glass. Kitchens with hot and cold water leads and electrical leads by project.

Phone installation – outlet supplied with samples, ringing and intercom outfit, two-rate electrometers, installed in the main fuse board, joinery – windows – aluminum profile weather-resistant by project, doors – interior and entrance doors – MDF. Installed air-conditioning and ventilating (air-conditioners) individual for every object by project. ТV and internet wiring;

b/ for common areas – walls and ceilings with stucco or plaster carton, latex; landings, staircases and approaches – terracotta and granite – by project, all installations – supplied by project, installed main fuse board, mailboxes, completed vertical planning by the approved projects, elevators. Completed infrastructure around the building including lighting. Parking places: print concrete floor, concrete walls, markings.